Home inventory made simple

Get the simplest, most flexible home inventory experience ever!

Everyone needs a good home inventory!

nezt makes this a reality by giving you the simplest experience possible!

Flexible Categorization

Categorize items with unlimited, simple, fully customizable tags. No more rigid folders!

Smart Search

Use our powerful search functionality to search for items by names and tags at the same time!

Generate Reports

Export all of your inventory or a filtered subset to Excel or PDF!

Free To Use

Free for unlimited locally stored items!

What makes nezt different?

No more clunky folders!

You can add as many tags to items as you like, for those items that just don't quite fit in any one category! No more restrictive folders!

Get to your items quickly!

Our smart search functionality allows you to search for items on names and tags simultaneously, giving you maximum speed and control when exploring your home inventory!

As unique as you are!

Having custom tags means that you are not limited by what we think is appropriate for your items. You know your items best!

Get started on your home inventory today!